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Alocasia brisbanensis / Elephant Ear (10 x seeds)
Alocasia brisbanensis / Elephant Ear (10 x seeds)

Alocasia brisbanensis / Elephant Ear (10 x seeds)

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Binomial name: Alocasia brisbanensis 

Family: Araceae

Characteristics: Large, glossy, heart-shaped leaves with wavy edges. A stunning houseplant that is popular worldwide for its ‘elephant ears’ shaped leaves. Seeds are fresh and need to be sown immediately or stored in the fridge.

Seeds per packet: 10 x fresh seeds 

Description: Seed can be sown throughout the year indoors in a mini glasshouse.

Planting medium: Seed raising mix (preferably organic).

Optimum germination temperature: 20-25°C.

  1. Prepare small pots with a well draining seed raising mix that is light-medium weight. Put sphagnum moss on top to keep moisture in. Sow one seed per pot as seedlings of this species do not like to have their roots disturbed.
  2. Sow approximately 2-3 mm deep and moisten (do not water log) with a spray bottle to avoid disturbing seeds.
  3. Place pots in a warm spot in a mini glasshouse (covered) that gets plenty of indirect light, not full hot afternoon sun. Ideal temperatures for germination are 20-25°C. Seeds should germinate in these conditions within 17-29 days. A heat mat may be necessary if these temperatures cannot be provided naturally.
  4. Keep moist during the entire germination period.
  5. Transplant once necessary. Keep in mind this plant likes to be rootbound so don’t transplant until necessary. This plant is most popular as an indoor plant but can be planted outdoors as long as it is protected from direct sunlight and only in warmer climates.
    This plant is poisonous so keep it away from children and pets.