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  • Where do you get your seeds from? We source our amazing seeds all over the world, including Australia, The Netherlands and Germany.
  • Are all your seeds permitted to be imported into NZ? Yes. Ministry for Primary Industries has very strict policies for importing seeds for sowing. All our seeds are permitted to be imported into New Zealand.
  • My seeds have not germinated. Why? We sell houseplant seeds, which are generally exotic seeds. Some seeds lay dormant until conditions are right for them to germinate. Exotic seeds generally need heat and humidity to germinate. It's important to be patient and follow the guides.
  • If my seeds do not germinate, will you refund/replace them? Our seeds are fresh and of the highest quality, however we can't refund/replace seeds that do not germinate as we have no control over how the seeds were planted or the conditions they were planted in.  
  • How long will my seeds remain viable? This depends on the type of seed. We will advise if seed is required to be planted immediately; otherwise, the seed usually has at least several months' viability (often more). Sometimes, exotic seeds lay dormant for years.
  • Do you take pre-orders? No. We never know what seeds we will source as this depends on the weather, harvest, availability etc.
  • What payment methods do you accept? We accept PayPal/All major credit cards. 
  • What are the shipping rates throughout NZ? $4.00 overnight tracked courier. We use Courier Post (part of New Zealand Post)
  • Do you ship internationally? Yes. Contact us at: to order. We will email you the shipping price.
  • My seeds arrived damaged / did not arrive. Please contact us immediately, and, depending on the circumstances we may be able to supply replacement seeds or provide a refund.