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Mini glasshouse: How do I create one?

General Guide:

Houseplant seeds are generally exotic seeds, so to give them the best chance to germinate, you need to create a warm and humid environment as close as possible to the seeds' natural environment. Creating a mini glasshouse increases heat and conserves moisture. Buy a plastic seed raising container with a plastic dome, or create your own mini glasshouse.

What you'll need to create your own mini glasshouse:

1. Transparent plastic container with a lid: strawberry/grape containers or food storage containers

2. Cardboard that you can cut to size to separate seeds so each seed has its own individual compartment


1. Remove stickers from container so light can penetrate.

2. Fill plastic container with planting medium.

3. Create compartments with strips of cardboard and nestle cardboard into planting medium. 

4. Place seed/s in each compartment according into directions on seed packet.

5. Put lid on container and place container near a heat source/on a heat pad.

6. Condensation will drip onto mix. Spritz water as directed.

7. Once seedlings touch top of container lid, remove lid.

NB: This is a general guide. Some seeds (like Crassula ovata/Jade Plant) are as tiny as a grain of sand, so many seeds can be sown in one compartment.