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Jiffy Peat Pallets x 4 (starter pack)

Jiffy Peat Pallets x 4 (starter pack)

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Jiffy Peat Pellets x 4

Jiffy Pellets are a good choice for starting seeds indoors. No need for seed raising mix. 


Jiffy Pellets are made of sphagnum peat from specially selected peat bogs. Lime and a special fertilizer with a low ammonium content are added to the peat in order to stimulate growth. The pellets have a pH of approximately 5.3 and are wrapped in a thin, degradable net.

These dry pellets are 4cm x 7mm in height. Simply sit in water and the pellet expands upwards. A small indent is on the top of the pellet, place your seed here once the pellet has absorbed the water.

Pellets can be placed in punnets or any other suitable containers. Once ready for planting out, simply pop out of container and straight into the soil.