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Dracaena draco / Dragon Tree (10 x seeds)
Dracaena draco / Dragon Tree (10 x seeds)

Dracaena draco / Dragon Tree (10 x seeds)

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Binomial name: Dracaena draco


Family: Asparagaceae


Characteristics: It is an attractive, sculptured plant which creates a beautiful feature indoors (and outdoors, when mature). It's a Palm-like plant when young, evergreen, slowly growing to 10-30 feet tall. The plant is related to Agave, and looks like one when young. At this stage, it's used as a houseplant.


Seeds per packet: 10


Description: Seed can be sown throughout the year indoors exposed to light in a mini glasshouse.


Planting medium: Soilless medium - peat moss or sand


Optimum germination temperature: 27°C.


  1. Scarify seed: nick seed with a sharp knife or abrade with coarse sandpaper. Not too much. Just enough for water to reach the embryo.
  2. Create a mini glasshouse. Follow instructions here
  3. Choose a soilless medium such as sand or peat moss and moisten it thoroughly. When it’s dried to barely moist, fill up a planting container and lay the seed on the surface of the medium. 
  4. Dracaen draco seeds require light to germinate, so barely cover it with sand or peat moss. This top layer, although thin, prevents the top of the seed from drying.
  5. Space seeds about 4cm apart from each other and lay the seeds on the surface of the planting medium
  6. Put lid on container, as it increases heat and conserves moisture.
  7. Put mini glasshouse in the light.
  8. Put container on heat pad or near a heat source. Keep an eye on the planting medium and container. Spray with water often.
  9. Germination should take about 8 weeks, sometimes longer.
  10. Once the draco seeds sprout, give the draco seedlings lots of direct sun and continue to keep the soil moist.